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We believe that your experience with us should be exactly that — yours. We’re proud to be a “bespoke manufacturer of choices”, empowering our clientele to choose precisely what they order, in their desired shape, size, and quantity — all private-labeled.

Our lives are defined by choices and how we choose our partners is no different. What makes us different is not just what we do, but the choices we offer to you to help make your business-to-business experience with us like no other.

We would like to offer you a unique Eurodita experience.
Because good choices feel good.

Welcome to the family.

We’ve come a long way since we started out in 1994.

As a global company, we are passionate about making a difference in the log structure industry.

And we are proud to state — our business is your business now.

We welcome everyone who joins the Eurodita family as distinguished guests.

Everything we do is in tune with your needs. After all, you are the centerpiece of what we do.

With our attentive approach to serviced manufacturing, we are taking bespoke standards to a new level. And we are doing it all for you.

A manufacturer that goes all the way.

At Eurodita, we serve retailers and wholesalers by facilitating all stages of the supply chain without forgetting about procurement, sourcing, and product delivery.

We cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship with you, our partner so that high-quality timber structures would be offered to customers worldwide.

Leading in Europe and expanding, with you.

With more than 50 branch offices, we have no equal here in Europe. And, the 2021 vision is China, Japan, Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand — together with you and your business.

Bespoke manufacturer of choices.

We have a commitment to maintaining, and that is to supply your business with an ever-increasing variety of private label products. As of today, we produce log cabins, made-to-measure log cabins, bespoke log homes, Glulam log cabins/houses, garden sheds, camping pods, BBQ huts, timber carports, standard cabins, laminated log houses, glamping sauna barrels, and more. And at Eurodita, quality trumps quantity. Hence, our products are made out of top-grade Nordic timber that guarantees durability and aesthetic looks.

Your exclusive partners.

Being partners means a lot to us. That is why we offer the advantage of our Exclusive Partner Program — you have the choice of being our only partner in your area, so your private labels have no competition.


Q What are Eurodita’s main export markets?

We currently export to 14 different countries. Our leading markets are United Kingdom, United States and Australia.

Q What kind of companies are Eurodita’s clients?

We work exclusively B2B and offer private label log homes. 99% of our customers are other companies instead of end customers. 100% of our clients sell to customers in 1-15 exhibition grounds.

Q How many units of log cabin homes are produced each year?

Our yearly timber processing capacity is at ~15000 m3. This translates into roughly 14000 garden sheds and ~30 large residential log homes per year.

Q What wall thickness are the log cabin homes produced?

Massive logs: 19x100mm; 28x100mm; 35x100mm; 44x130mm; 58x130mm and 70x130mm;
Glued logs: 70x130mm; 88x260mm;135x260mm; 180x260mm and 220x260mm.

Q Is it possible to order bespoke log cabins and homes?

Absolutely! We are happy to create new and unique log cabin designs. We use an in-house software that quickly and accurately calculates the price of each unique project. It also provides a 3D generated model of the final log cabin with provided parameters.

Q Do you provide a delivery service?

Yes, we handle our own delivery. We outsource only in rare, exceptional occasions.

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